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Book Restoration and Preservation Services in South Burlington, VT  

Your antique book and old documents are more than just paper. They are a means of accessing the memories, hopes, and records of ages past. At Marotti Book Restoration, we understand that keeping these physical gateways into the past is important to you. That’s why we consider it a privilege to preserve these relics of bygone eras for our customers.


Our business is restoring memories that cannot be replaced, and we take it seriously. So, when you need book restoration and preservation services in South Burlington, VT, turn to our passionate professionals. By taking a detail-oriented approach to delicate work, we’re able to provide quality service that yields lasting results. Since we emphasize customer service, you can have the utmost confidence your beloved possessions will be in safe, caring hands. Ensure your historical items can be enjoyed by generations to come by restoring and preserving your old books or documents today.

Mending and Reviving Your Old Books

We highly recommend book and document restoration for family heirlooms or personal items that carry sentimental value. If you wish to pass an item down through generations, restoring and preserving your old books and documents ensures that they will effectively endure the test of time. When you opt to have your item renewed, we use new binding and covers to significantly improve the appearance and structural integrity of your time-tested documents or books. At your request, we’ll work diligently to retrieve your item’s original color, form, and finish, and bring it back to its former glory.


Collectors of rare and old books and documents are known for the incredibly high standards they hold prospective collections to. Our specialists are committed to upholding those standards. We work hard to expertly preserve artifacts with historical significance to uphold their market value. Trust our attentive, experienced specialists to stabilize your item’s condition and stop its degradation.

Taking a Personalized Approach to Each Request

Our specialists understand that no two items are identical, and their needs vary accordingly. Thus, we make sure to conduct our services on a per-project basis. We also determine the price by the size, scope, and complexity of each project.

While some books and papers have substantive economic value, other items, such as family Bibles or vintage birth certificate, hold immeasurable sentimental value. When you request our restoration and preservation services, we make sure to pay great attention to the needs of your specific item and always treat it with the care and respect it deserves. By doing so, the things we preserve have a better chance of maintaining their market value and finding their place in a collection. Contact Marotti Book Restoration today to protect your favorite and most treasured items.